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TANDEM Bielefeld e.V. was founded in 1987 with the aim of developing modern ideas for foreign language classes and intercultural exchanges.


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Feel at home at TANDEM Bielefeld!

We believe that the success of a language course depends not only on the quality of teaching, although it is the key point of our service, but also on a friendly and helpful atmosphere, useful information (both before and during the course), professional organisation and, of course, excellent accommodation for every student.

At our school, you meet lots of nice people from many different countries, it's a place to feel comfortable even when you are far from home!

Bielefeld: an ideal place to learn German!

TANDEM Bielefeld

Away from the big tourist centres, the university town of Bielefeld (325,000 inhabitants) is the ideal place to learn the language and get to know the German way of life.

Bielefeld has all the advantages of a large town. Historical festivals, music & dance festivals, art exhibitions, flea markets: there is always something going on! At the same time, you find peace and relaxation in its numerous parks, even in the busiest parts of the city. You can enjoy nature and have fun outdoors in the famous Teutoburg Forest right on your doorstep.

And what is more: it's one of the safest major cities in Germany!

If you want to get to know a typical German city, but find big cities too anonymous and villages too boring, if you like nature but enjoy going out at night, then Bielefeld is the place for you!

Learning with enthusiasm!

TANDEM Bielefeld

Students from all over the world and our school’s personal, friendly atmosphere combine to make the learning interesting and varied. In our classes, solid grammar teaching and creative learning are brought together. German is used in class right from the first moment, so the student is immersed in the language. For us, the priority is that you speak a lot and develop a feeling for the language. Our staff are specially trained and highly experienced German teachers who genuinely enjoy helping you achieve your goal.

Courses with TANDEM Bielefeld are the liveliest and most effective way for anyone to learn German, have fun and experience new things at the same time.