Learn German at CASA Bremen International Language School!

Bremen is situated on the River Weser in the north of Germany, where the German language is spoken in its purest form. Although it is a city with 600,000 inhabitants, mixing a unique blend of Hanseatic tradition and modern development, it also possesses the friendly and familiar quality of a smaller town, where you will soon feel at home and make friends easily.

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CASA Internationale Sprachschule
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You will find plenty to do in your free time, whether walking in one of its lovely parks or along the River Weser, admiring the attractive architecture, or enjoying the delights of its café culture, bars, pubs and squares. Bremen's proximity to the sea also makes it an ideal base for excursions to the North Sea islands, to Hamburg, Lubeck or the Luneberg Moors. And to round off your weekend programme, Holland and Denmark are just around the corner!

The school

Founded in 1983, CASA Internationale Sprachschule co-ordinates a team of permanent teachers who are university-trained in teaching foreign languages and usually also have experience of working abroad. Besides English, they also speak a second foreign language.

Using up-to-date methodology and modern techniques, we teach our students vocabulary and impart the fundamentals of German grammar, targeting the four language skills: listening, reading, writing and in particular, speaking.

All in all, we are passionate about providing a lively and personal environment for our students.