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With us, learning languages is really fun! Here you learn quickly, effectively and in small groups. Our teachers are well trained, experienced and highly motivated. Learn German in Cologne and experience this fascinating city in the west of Germany.


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Language holiday in Cologne

TANDEM Cologne

Cologne is the oldest of Germany's big cities. More than 2000 years of history have left their mark here. And it is not only Cologne's famous cathedral — a Gothic masterpiece - which bears testimony to by-gone times. Numerous buildings, sculptures and gardens provide a vivid impression of the old Cologne.

Today, Cologne is a modern, lively and cosmopolitan city: a hub of trade fairs, a university town and — with its many radio and television centres and over 350 film and TV production companies — the undisputed media capital of Germany.

The city's outstanding cultural scene takes in opera, the philharmonic orchestra, 40 museums, 42 theatres, 74 cinemas, concerts of all kinds, over 100 art galleries and innumerable antique dealers… In the evening, Cologne's vibrant night-life will tempt you with its many clubs and trendy bars.

Our German courses

TANDEM Cologne offers intensive German courses at all levels, from Beginner to Advanced, all year round. We place particular emphasis on using efficient and creative teaching methods, while remaining flexible and open to the wishes and needs of our students. That's because, as well as using the most professional teaching methods, the motto of our highly qualified teachers is: learning German should be fun! Small groups, communicative lessons as well as the friendly and welcoming atmosphere at our school will make it a pleasure for you to learn.

And so that you come into close contact with the German language and culture outside the classroom, we will provide you with a full cultural programme, private accommodation and a so-called Tandem partner. Enjoy the wide variety of cultural activities on offer, live with people from Cologne for a couple of weeks, and with your Tandem partner, discover the secrets of this fascinating city at the heart of Europe!