1. Registration

(1) Please fill in and send us your registration. We will send you your confirmation and ask you to pay the first instalment of € 200 to the bank account of the "1st school".

(2) All fees charged by the bank are to be paid by the student.

2. Minimum age

Minimum age is 18.

3. Public holidays

There are no language course classes on public holidays.

4. Terms of payment

(1) Students are required to pay their fees on time. All fees for our classes must be paid by the first course day at the latest.

(2) If a student does not attend the classes or discontinues attendance before the course ends, we reserve the right to demand the fee for the entire course, as well as any accommodation rent payment due for the entire course (when applicable).

5. Cancellation

(1) A cancellation must be made in writing.

(2) If cancellation is received no less than 4 weeks before the course is due to start, payment of an administration fee of € 50.- will be required. We will refund any amount paid in advance that is in excess of € 50.-

(3) For cancellation at a later date, a fee will be charged for costs incurred, i.e. a minimum of € 50.- or no more than a maximum of the full course fees.

(4) If a student discontinues a language course for reasons for which the language school cannot be held responsible, fees or parts thereof will not be refunded. Outstanding unpaid fees will be due for payment.

6. Organiser

It is the responsibility of the school running your class to organise the language course, to find lodgings and to answer all questions concerning these issues. Each TANDEM school in Germany is structurally and by law an independent company.

7. Insurance

Every student is responsible for him/herself. The school cannot be held responsible for possible losses, damage or injury to persons or property. We recommend that students take out liability, accident and health insurance prior attendance.

8. Data security

(1) With their consent, students' details are processed electronically.

(2) At no time will any personal data be passed on or made available to third parties.