Whichever school you choose, at TANDEM you'll always find:

  1. • qualified, committed, enthusiastic and friendly native teachers
  2. • dynamic and effective German courses, based on a wide range of
  3.    activities, in a relaxed environment (games, video, group work etc.)
  4. • interactivity in class, where even learning grammar can be fun
  5. • small groups
  6. • German courses at all levels
  7. • extensive cultural and recreational programmes
  8. • opportunities to link up with a TANDEM language exchange partner

Where to stay


To learn German effectively, it is obviously best to live together with German locals. TANDEM provides its students with a choice of single rooms in shared flats, private rooms in family homes and, occasionally, in student dormitories. These living arrangements will involve you very quickly in speaking everyday German.

Learn German with a TANDEM language exchange partner!

In a language exchange partnership, you can practise everything you've learned in class in an individual and real-life situation.

This is how a TANDEM language exchange partnership works: you and your partner alternate between speaking German and your own language. Together, you not only improve your knowledge of the language, you also get to know many other aspects of both cultures and ways of life.