Are the schools open all year round?

Yes, they are. To make sure, check with individual schools. In general, schools close for the 2 weeks' holiday at Christmas, and for bank holidays.

Do I have to know now how long I want to stay, or can I extend my course and my stay?

Yes, you can extend, but please try to let the school know as early as possible so that it can be sure of providing proper accommodation for you.

How do you check my level of German?

There will be a placement test on the first day of your class which will determine your level.

How many levels are there?

We offer six levels corresponding to the Council of Europe's Common Framework of Reference (A1 / beginners to C2 / advanced).

How big are the German classes?

They're relatively small. Depending on the school you choose, they can be between 6 and 12 students. The Tandem schools in Bielefeld, Bremen and Frankfurt accept up to 14 / 15 students during the off-season.

Can I combine my German course with private lessons?

Yes, all schools offer this possibility.

Can I make a combination of different locations in order to develop my German?

Your German course programme can be divided between our various schools in different cities. So you can enjoy the beauty of different here.

When do I pay my course fees?

Most schools ask for a deposit after your registration has been processed. The remainder is to be paid on arrival.

Can I cancel my course?

Yes, but a cancellation fee will apply. Depending on the school's policy and the period of time between your cancellation and the scheduled start of your course, this fee may vary in amount. Please study your school's enrolment terms carefully before you make a decision to enrol.

What is the average age of the students?

The average age is about 25. But this may vary from one place to the next, and also depend on the time of year. In the summer, the average student age is usually lower than in the rest of the year, and some places attract more younger people than others thanks to local leisure facilities. Please ask the school in question for statistics.

Can I arrive at my accommodation before the Sunday, and stay on for longer afterwards?

Yes, if the accommodation is free and available. You will be charged the extra nights, and in busy seasons you may have to use hostels or hotels.

Will bedclothes and other facilities be provided at my accommodation?

Yes, all accommodation is fully equipped.

How far is the accommodation from the school?

All schools try to find places to stay within the vicinity of the school, or at least not too far away. Depending on the town or city you want to go to, this is a relative term, however. Some schools may be able to guarantee a maximum of 15 minutes walking distance because the town itself is small, others will require a half-hour bus ride.

Does the price of the course include the cultural programme?

Some activities are included, and others are not. Entrance tickets, transport and other extras are not usually included.

Can I register a week before the course begins?

This may be possible during the off-season, but we strongly recommend that you register as early as possible in order to guarantee your place.

What is the minimum booking time?

In general, it's two weeks.

Can't I just go for a week?

Check with individual schools or ask your agent to do that for you. Some schools offer one-week spaces in the off-season, but you may have to pay for two weeks' accommodation anyway.

What is the timetable for classes?

Check with individual schools or ask your agent to do that for you.

What do I do in case I am unhappy with the service given to me?

First and foremost: tell the school about it immediately. The staff will do their best to change whatever it is that makes you unhappy.

What do I do if I am unhappy with the accommodation?

Again: tell the school about it immediately. The staff will find out what the problem is, try to clarify, and, if necessary, let you change to other lodgings.

What do I do if the school and me disagree strongly about something, and a satisfactory solution cannot be found?

TANDEM International has an ombudsman for you to contact. He will mediate and be able to suggest an acceptable solution for both sides.